Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What Are You Thankful for?

Thankfulness comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and forms. It can be for something physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It can make you smile, laugh and even cry. Thankfulness can attract even more to be thankful for just by its mere expression. Have you tried it lately?

Take a moment now to be thankful, for something physical, for something mental, for something emotional, and for something spiritual…

Taking even a few moments a day to be thankful can improve our physical health by lowering stress levels as we experience gratitude, expand our mental outlook as we realize that we have much to be thankful for, uplift our emotional disposition by feeling good about what we are thankful for, and support our spiritual selves, our souls, by giving the powerful energy of gratitude which you can share with other souls to support them as well.

This is the mission of The Sage Gem, to help raise the vibration of the universe, one soul at a time. 

Please, take a moment and comment below on what you are thankful for...
This season?
This year?
This lifetime?