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Crystals, Chakras and Pendulums, Oh My!

Crystals, Chakras and Pendulums, Oh My!


The Sage Gem uses crystals, chakras and pendulums in many facets of intuitive wellness. Crystals and stones, two kinds of rock,  are minerals and formations that grow and form in the Earth's surface crust, which means that they are alive, as with other entities that grow from the earth, like flowers and trees and herbs and grass. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes, and offer a plethora of healing and magical properties based on color and energies. Each crystal, like herbs and flowers, has its own uniqueness.

Crystals work, essentially, by channeling their energy to us. They hold and store mystical energies from the earth that we can use for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. They are formed from many of the same main minerals that our bodies are formed from. 

Two of many examples are calcite which contains the calcium that makes up most of our skeletal system; and iron, which is in hematite along with oxide, and our bodies need iron for healthy blood and circulation. Calcite could be recommended for bone fractures or frail bones in older age. And Iron could be recommended for anemia or to regulate blood.

Since we have these common connections, crystal healing is a natural therapy that combines the natural energies from the Earth with our own. When a crystal is placed within the vicinity of a body, the resonant field will vibrate or “vibe” with the mineral in the body, making it easier for the crystal to distribute its healing properties to the recipient. 

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In addition to using in healing, crystals have many other uses including worn as intention wear, jewelry and amulets, for aesthetic enjoyment, programmed for extra protection, as vehicles to spiritual journeys, and to balance chakras. 

Chakras, to spin in this direction, are internal energy centers that spin and absorb higher energies, then transform the higher energies into a form which can be used by the physical body, life force. In Sanskrit, chakra means wheel. While we have over 400 chakras, typically 7 are the main focus. They run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra resonates with a certain color and energy. Crystals of the same color and energy as the corresponding chakra can be used to facilitate chakra balancing. Each chakra relates to a key part of the body and comes with its own set of properties, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually:
·         1st - Root or Base Chakra – Red – Survival and security
·         2nd - Sacral Chakra – Orange – Creativity and emotional balance
·         3rd - Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – Self-esteem and personal power
·         4th - Heart Chakra – Green or pink – Love and understanding
·         5th - Throat Chakra – Blue or light blue – Communication and truthfulness
·         6th - Third Eye or Brow Chakra  – Indigo or violet – Intuition and wisdom
·         7th - Crown Chakra – Violet or clear – Spirituality and transcendence

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Pendulums, to swing in another direction here, are tools that are used to get answers and receive guidance from the subconscious, the higher self, and by connecting with universal energies. The use of the pendulum is officially considered to be a science known throughout Europe as Radiesthesia. The pendulum acts as a transmitter of thoughts, answers and revelations from the subconscious, or that of the superconscious, that run through the holder's nervous system and produce pendulum movements. 

From hand-made to high-end, a pendulum is a small weight suspended on some type of cording or chain. It could be a paperclip or a wedding ring on a thread, or it could be a clear quartz crystal or emerald faceted pendulum on a sterling silver chain.

Pendulums can be used in healing and chakra balancing; for goal-setting and life events like career moves or who to marry; for everyday situations like what to eat or what wear; and in reaching new spiritual heights. 

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The Sage Gem

To clear the air about the double entendre usage of the term Sage, as an adjective, sage means wise, as in The Sage Gem, and as a noun, is a negative energy clearing herb. In ritualism, white sage is used for smudging, which is the ritual of removing negative energies from a person, place or thing. The sage smoke is a vehicle to carry the unwanted energies. Remember to replace the space or entity with positive energy.

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Namaste, I bow to the Divine in you.

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